12 Unique Girl Names That You Love for your Baby Girl

Unique Girl Names

Babies are a blessing for their parents as they are very special gifts. To make your child unique parents give them unique baby names. These names are special as they make your child feel special. You can create a cute unique name for your baby girl. You just have to combine parents name to create an amazing girlish name.

Here we have selected a few amazing and rare girl names. Among these, there are few unique baby girl names of the year.


Unique Girl Names

This name is originated from the name George. This name is taken from the Greek word “georgos” which means “farmer or earth-worker”. It’s a blessed name as well as a unique and unusual girl name.

This is a famous name in the U.S, UK as well in Eurasia this name is known as the blessed name and only a few people are aware of the blessing of this name.




Unique Girl Names

Annika is a unique word that is originated from the girlish name “Anne” which means grace. The girls of this name are beautiful by birth and are graceful. This name in the SSA list and is a rare name. Annika was also the name of a professional golfer who was the best female golfer in history.




Unique Girl Names

Regan is a rare name that is taken from the horror character. You can select this name for your Halloween name. This name is yet not rank in the SSA top list but the possibilities are that this name will be ranked soon.



This name reminds us of the tennis champion Serena Williams and this name will surely suit a sporty babe.  This name is also new and unique and is a cool female name. The meaning of this name is “Tranquil”.


Adora name is a sweet baby girl’s name that is originated from the words adorable. Having this name means you have adorable features and your baby girl feels so special after having this name.



This name is very popular in Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand. Siena is one of the old girl names and the girls with these names are confident and are energetic.


Unique Girl Names

Erin is an Irish name that means “form the island to the west”. This name is actually the Gaelic name for Ireland. The girls of these names are somehow the most talented girls and are determined. They achieve what they want to get.



Isla is pronounced as (eye-lah) where “S” is silent. This is a Scottish name and originated from the name of Scotland island name islay. In Spanish, the name Isla is also pronounced as ees-lah that’s also means island.

This name is an uncommon girl name and is rank on 82 positions in the SSA list. The girls with this name are energetic and sensitive. So treat them carefully.


Lena name is a very gorgeous and popular name after the Alexis Bledel character in “the sisterhood of the traveling pants” and Lena headay of Game of thrones. Lena’s name is now rank on 301 positions on the list of SSA. Girls with this name are fighter-type they have the ability to handle their issues in a good manner way.


Unique Girl Names

It’s an Italian name that means “Renowned warrior”. Lusia is a unique name that is not yet on the SSA list. An amazing and wonderful bilingual name for baby girls born in multicultural families.


Unique Girl Names

Presley is an English name that means “priest’s meadow”. This name is for both girls and boys but is most common in girls than boys. This name came into the spotlight after Elvis Presley and ranked in 206 positions in 2018.


Having Latin, Spanish, and Greek roots Elena is a classic name that means “bright shining light”. This name is rank on 66 positions in the SSA list.


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