5 Easy Ways to Make a Degree Symbol in Word [Solving Your Formatting Woes]

5 Easy Ways to Make a Degree Symbol in Word [Solving Your Formatting Woes] info

What is how do you make degree symbol in word?

Making a degree symbol in Word can be easily done by using the keyboard shortcut or symbol menu. To insert the degree symbol, press and hold the Alt key while typing 0176 on the numeric keypad. Alternatively, you can go to the “Insert” tab and select “Symbol,” then choose the degree symbol from the list of available characters.

Step-by-Step Guide: How Do You Make Degree Symbol in Word on Different Devices?

Are you someone who has recently come across the need to use a degree symbol while typing up a document in Word? Or maybe you’ve been using Word for years, but never knew how to input this elusive yet essential symbol? Whichever the case may be, worry not! We’re here to guide you through the entire process of how to make a degree symbol in Word on different devices.

Before we begin, let’s briefly discuss what a degree symbol actually is. The degree symbol (°) is typically used when referring to temperature or angles. When it comes to Microsoft Word, there are various ways that one can create this important little icon – and all of them are incredibly simple.

Let’s start with PC/laptop users:

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

This method involves using keyboard shortcuts that quickly generate the desired symbols. To make a degree symbol in Word on your PC/laptop:

Step 1: Place your cursor where you want the ‘Degree’ icon to be inserted within your document

Step 2: Using the Keyboard – Hold down Alt and type 0176 (on number pad)

Step 3: Release both keys together and enjoy your brand new °!

Method 2: Using Symbols Tab (Graphics Toolbar)

This method requires you utilize an option found within Microsoft word’s graphics tab as follows:

Step 1: Go To Insert > Symbol which will open Character Map

Step 2a: In earlier versions, click More Symbols and then choose Font (normal text), Subset (Latin-1 Supplement) and Choose character from resulting list


Step 2b – For those using Office365, Type Degree into search box at top right corner Return/Enter key Pop-Up menu then select insert

And voilà! The Resulting character has been added perfectly with either above methods.This step works for laptop users as well.

Next up, let’s move onto Mac users:

Method 1: Using Character Viewer

In a way, Mac users actually have it easier than their PC counterparts when it comes to inserting special characters. Instead of using keyboard shortcuts or options under the tools tab, you can use a tool that is already built into the Mac Operating System called “Character Viewer”. So, to add a degree symbol in Word on your Mac:

Step 1: Place the cursor where you would like the ‘Degree’ symbol to be inserted in your document.

Step 2: Press Command + Control + Spacebar to launch Character Viewer.

Step 3: Once launched; click on “Symbols”>Scroll until finding the Degree Symbols Category and select > Lastly Click On Insert Item at bottom right Hand side


There you have it! Three simple ways of how to make a degree symbol in Word on different devices. With this knowledge at hand, gone are the days when you had to hunt around for that elusive ‘°’ icon manually! Now its easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy with just a few clicks away from this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions: How Do You Make Degree Symbol in Word?

As a savvy computer user, you may find yourself faced with the occasional conundrum – like trying to figure out how to make the degree symbol in Word. While it may seem like a simple task, there are actually several ways to do this, each with their own quirks and tips.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to making the degree symbol in Word:

Q: What is the degree symbol?

A: The degree symbol is a small circle that appears next to numerical values indicating temperature, angles or other units that use degrees as a measurement.

Q: How can I make the degree symbol in Word?

A: There are several ways you can create the degree symbol in Word:
– Use keyboard shortcut keys (Alt+0176 or Ctrl + @)
– Using Symbols Dialogue box
– Copy-pasting method from Google Search results.

Let’s dive into each option:

Keyboard Shortcut Method

To achieve this method follow these steps:

1. Click on where you want to insert the °degree sign

2. Hold down Alt key and type ‘0176’ on your keyboard’s number pad; release Alt key.

The most important point here is – Only type using Number Pad ( Right Side ) else it won’t work.

Symbols Dialogue Box Method

Here’s how you can use this method:


1. Open Microsoft word document

2. Put your cursor where you’d like the degree sign to appear.

3. From the menu ribbon above click Insert > Symbol window will open up

4. Scroll through until you find “Degree” sign (‘°’)

5. Click over Degree Sign and press Close button at last.

Copy & Pasting method

This one needs an internet connection available while performing this action:

1) Select any search engine,

E.g Google.com

2) Type “Degree Sign” in ‘Search Bar’

3) Few search results popped-up on the screen.

You can see few results with a degree sign,

E.g °C

4) Copy any of those sign and paste it into Word document.

Q: Are there any other ways to create the degree symbol?

A: For Office 365 or Microsoft Word, you could use an Equation tool that includes symbols option. Simply click on “Equation” from the “Insert” tab on the menu bar, select “Symbols,” and choose the “More Symbols” option to access a wide range of symbols including “°” (degree)

Q: Can I use these methods for other programs besides Word?

A: Yes, most basic text editors have similar ways of creating the degree symbol. The shortcut keys method mentioned above also works in Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote.

So now that you know how to make the degree symbol in Word like a pro, impress your friends and colleagues with your newly acquired knowledge. And if anyone ever asks you how to do it – just send them this handy FAQ guide!

Understanding Your Options: Top 5 Ways to Make Degree Symbol in Word

Have you ever needed to include a degree symbol in a Word document but didn’t know how to make one? Perhaps you’re writing about the temperature outside or discussing an angle in geometry class. Whatever your reason, it’s easy to feel frustrated when you can’t figure out how to type this seemingly simple symbol. Fortunately, there are actually several different ways you can create a degree sign in Microsoft Word. Here are the top five methods:

1. Use the keyboard shortcut. One of the quickest and easiest ways to insert a degree symbol in Word is by using the keyboard shortcut. Simply press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “@” (or “Ctrl” + “@” on some keyboards) and then type the letter “o.” The degree symbol should appear where your cursor was placed.

2. Use the Symbol menu. Another option is to use Word’s Symbol menu to insert the degree symbol. To access this feature, click on “Insert” at the top of your screen, then select “Symbol,” and finally choose “More Symbols.” From here, scroll down until you find the degree sign and click on it before hitting “Insert.”

3. Copy and paste from elsewhere. If all else fails, you could always copy and paste a degree symbol from another source into your Word document. This could be something as simple as doing a quick internet search for an image of a degree sign that you can copy onto your clipboard.

4. Create an Autocorrect entry. If typing out symbols frequently is part of your everyday work routine, creating an Autocorrect entry might help speed things up for you over time. To do this, simply go into Word’s Options menu (found under File > Options), select “Proofing,” click on “Autocorrect Options…” near the bottom of that page, then type “(D)” in the Replace field and insert the ° character into With field.

5.Use Alt codes: Some keyboard layouts allow you to use Alt codes to type special characters, including the degree sign. For instance, for Spanish layout keyboards hold down Alt and press 0176 from the numpad (right side of keyboard).

Whether you prefer using a keyboard shortcut, navigating through menus or copying and pasting symbols, there are plenty of ways to add the degree symbol to your Word documents. Try out these methods and see which one works best for your writing style!

Tips and Tricks for Perfecting the Process of Making Degree Symbol in Word

The degree symbol (°) is commonly used in a variety of industries and fields, particularly those related to science, engineering, and mathematics. It’s a small, seemingly insignificant component that can significantly impact the accuracy of your work if improperly created or misplaced. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks for perfecting the process of making a degree symbol in Word.

Firstly, it is important to understand the various methods you can use to make a degree symbol in Word. One way is to use the “Insert Symbol” function within Microsoft Word. This function allows you to select from a broad range of characters and symbols available within the application.

To access the Insert Symbol feature in Word:

  1. Click on the “Insert” tab located at the top left-hand corner of your Word document.
  2. On the far-right side of the toolbar, click on “Symbol.”
  3. A dropdown menu will appear with several options.
  4. Click on “More Symbols” for additional choices.

Once you’ve selected this option, a pop-up window will open containing all available symbols for selection including letters with accent marks such as é ö ü , math functions like π θ √ , generic arrows®÷×etc.

From here:

  1. Select “Latin-1 Supplement” or “Basic Latin”
  2. Locate the ° Degree symbol and insert into your document

A more straightforward method that works just fine if you don’t have time for extra clicks or prefer convenience over perceived efficiency would be using Key Shortcuts/Combos

This involves typing out specific key combinations/shortcuts rather than going into menus or tabs

For example;

Press ALT +147 on your keyboard simultaneously will instantly insert a ° Degree symbol into your document wherever your cursor happens to be placed.

While there are manual ways of doing this without any shortcuts such as copying from another source through the clipboard or copying and pasting from a website, these methods are old-fashioned and not suitable for productivity.

To summarize the shortcuts:

For Windows users: Alt+0176 OR Alt + 248

Macintosh users: Shift+Option+8

Secondly, you must ensure that your degree symbol is consistently formatted throughout the document. There’s nothing worse than an erratic ° character placement that ruins the overall aesthetic of a document.

One way to guarantee consistency is by using styles in Word. Styles enable you to specify specific formatting for different sections of text, including font size, color, alignment, margins and so on.

You can create custom styles following Microsoft’s best practices tutorial in Office Help section or make minor tweaks under Update Styles found on your toolbar

Should your Symbol suddenly turn into gibberish characters? This probably caused by having another language/font currently enabled or having changes saved within AutoCorrection settings. Quickly revert back to normal functionality by accessing Autocorrect option in proofing category within Word options under file menu

With these tips and tricks at hand as well as consistent practice, making degree symbols in Word will become second nature to you.

Remember perfecting small details seemingly insignificant but impactful saves time and effort while demonstrating care for your work’s appearance thus earning trust & authority towards peers!

Essential Shortcuts to Quickly Create a Degree Symbol in Word

As any frequent Microsoft Word user will tell you, typing out symbols and special characters can be a tedious task. One such character that is frequently used in academic and professional writing is the degree symbol, denoting temperature measurements or angles. However, constantly navigating through menus to access the degree symbol can quickly eat up your time and productivity.

To save you precious seconds and clicks, here are some essential shortcuts to quickly create a degree symbol in Word:

1. The Alt Code: Hold down the Alt key and type “0176” on your numerical keypad (Note: this keyboard shortcut only works if you have a numeric keypad). Release the Alt key, and voila! Your degree symbol appears.

2. Keyboard Shortcut for Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + @ followed by Spacebar (shortcut for Spanish language), this will give you an upside-down exclamation mark (¡). Once you have it, delete the exclamation mark from it, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard while pressing 0 1 7 6 using the numbers keys located at top of your keyboard or to right of keyboard (NumPad section), release all keys at same time which will insert ° Degree Symbol instantly.

3. Keyboard Shortcut for Mac: If you’re working on a Mac computer, press Option + Shift + 8 simultaneously to create a degree symbol.

4. Copy-and-Paste: This might seem like an obvious solution but copying and pasting a degree symbol from another document or text editor can save valuable time when creating lengthy documents with multiple instances of the symbol needed.

5. Insert Symbol Button: For those who prefer visual aids, there is always Word’s Insert Symbol button located under the symbols tab in font icon or as default in menu bar by selecting “Insert,” then “Symbol.” From there you can choose from several different symbols, including the coveted degreesymbol.

While these shortcuts may seem minor to some, they can greatly improve your efficiency and workflow when working on Word documents. By utilizing these methods, creating a degree symbol in Word can be accomplishedwith just a couple of keystrokes or clicks, freeing up more time for the important aspects of your project. Happy typing!

Advanced Techniques for Creative Use of Degree Symbols in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a go-to application for many people, whether you’re writing an essay, creating a document or designing a brochure. It’s both practical and full of potential when it comes to formatting text, adding graphics or symbols and styling your content.

One such symbol that can be used in various creative ways is the degree symbol (°). Most commonly used as a way to denote temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scales, this tiny circle can also help you add variety to your documents and make them more visually appealing.

Here are some advanced techniques for creative use of degree symbols in Microsoft Word:

1. Adding Degree Symbols Shortcuts
One simple way to start using degree symbols is by inserting them through Word’s built-in shortcuts. You do this by simply holding down the ALT key on your keyboard and typing the code “0176” on your numeric keypad (only works if your num lock is turned on). By clicking Alt-Ta pressing any letter with º will give you degrees.
Alternatively, if you have an Android phone that goes with Windows 10 PC just press win+. then type any symbol including ° quickly appear.
A small circle with the degree sign should then appear wherever you place the cursor in the document.

2. Use Degree Symbols for Typographical Flourish
Use it instead of periods or dots. Haiku + ° = killer look.

3. Symbolic Emblems Instead of Alphabets
Embedding deg-Sign inside alphabets creation branding strategy e.g Music°latte I.T ins+Dgree

4. Utilize AutoFormat Feature
Editing autocorrect feature makes editing easier while being conscious about it.

5. Use Animated Gif
This feature could be very useful only but please maintain professional ethic at work.

In conclusion, Microsoft has taken creativity beyond limits which allow communicators to reach out boldly while producing flair contents via its symbols especially the Degree symbols. By mastering these advanced techniques you can standout liberally not just regular symbolically in what you create for professional and personal use.

Table with useful data:

Action Keyboard Shortcut Character Code
Insert Degree Symbol Press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “2”, then “Space” °
Copy Degree Symbol from Character Map Open “Character Map” program, select the Degree Symbol and click “Copy” °
Insert Degree Symbol using ASCII Code Hold down the “Alt” key and type 0176 on the numeric keypad °

Information from an expert: The degree symbol (°) is commonly used to express temperatures, angles, or geographic coordinates in a document. In Word, you can create this symbol by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + @, Space or by going to the Insert tab and clicking on Symbol > More Symbols. Then, select “Latin-1 Supplement” from the Subset dropdown menu and choose the degree symbol from the list. You can also insert it directly from the Symbol dialog box or use AutoCorrect to replace a specific text with the degree symbol as you type. Knowing how to make the degree symbol in Word will save you time and hassle when writing technical documents or scientific reports.

Historical fact:

The degree symbol (°) is not a new invention and has been used in academic writing for centuries. In early manuscripts, the symbol was often handwritten or drawn using a ruler and compass, while in modern times it can be easily inserted using keyboard shortcuts or the insert symbol tool in word processing software.

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