How to Combine Word Document Quick and Easy method

Most of the people use copy paste method to combine word document which is an easy method. But this method is not an appropriate method to combine documents. The best and the faster way to merge document is to merge them bas objects. Let’s see how you can combine words.

word file

There are few steps that you have to follow to combine your word document. But before that you must have Microsoft word. You can use any modern version of Microsoft word and also can use old versions. Just follow the mentioned steps. You can also follow the images if you don’t want to read content.

  1. First of all open your word document and click on the “insert” tab from the word bar
    word file combine
  2. Find the “object” button in text area. This icon can be change in different versions of Microsoft wordword file combine
  • Click on text from file and find the word document that you want to add into the word document
  • Select the file from your desktop and click on insert button


Your words will be combined and you will get the combined document without manually combining words from word files.

click here to combine names

Now you have to take care whether you are creating a new file or adding content to an existing file. If you are adding content into the existing file then the added content will be shown at the end of the file. But if you are starting a new file then the content will be added from the beginning files.

With this method you can combine lots of files because there is no limit of this process and you can add contents without any mistake. But one thing that you have to care is the order of the documents. For your ease you can name the files as A B and C so that you can easily add files in accurate order.

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